What are BagTags from BagTagsShop?

One-of-a-kind bagtags from BagTagsShop.com offer you a new high-tech way of protecting your bags.  We customize each and every Bagtag with your chosen contact information. The difference is in our approach. You would usually write it on your bagtags, with a black pen. When it is done this way your information is out there for just anyone to read.  

We display your contact information via a QR Code. All of your contact details become available when someone scans the code with their phone. This way your bag is protected and your contact information isn’t on display.

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Custom BagTags for your Luggage

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Why To Use BagTags.

Bag tags are a form of identification for your bags. No matter if you travel by plane, train or boat a good reliable bag tag will help protect your bags.  What does a bag tag do?

  1. Helps a passenger identify their bag at the baggage claim.
  2. Helps to prove a person isn’t stealing someone else’s luggage.
  3. Helps in tracking missing baggage.

Custom BagTags for your Backpack

BagTags Make an Excellent Gift.

Everyone has a bag that needs a bagtag to help identify its owner. Whether that bag is one for travel or one you use daily, a bagtag is a perfect accessory for it.  What can a bagtag be used on?

  1. Suitcase
  2. Backpacks
  3. Rollaboards
  4. Gym bags
  5. Sports Equipment Bags
  6. And more
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